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IIT Bombay declared a Wildlife Sanctuary

14, Apr 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. To solve the issues of leopard sighting and increasingly weird lifestyle of an engineering student, the government has decided to convert IIT Bombay into a Wildlife Sanctuary.

“People can enter the campus and watch the wild engineers, exotic birds, domestic animals, and if they get lucky, they can spot a leopard too,” declared Anjan Aiyar, the newly appointed Forest Officer at IIT Bombay.

Engineering students of India are known to have Ravindra Jadeja like superpowers and authorities believe that tourists will be willing to pay to watch these nerds in action.

Sleeping Leopard
A leopard mimicking posture of an engineering student after a daaru party

“We have students who skip meals and survive only on sutta-chai, students who are trying to fit GPS kits into underwears, students wearing banyans that have holes in shape of Venn diagram, students who pronounce ‘LOL’ while laughing in real life… and many more forms of life that inhabit this sanctuary,” Mr. Aiyar made a pitch for the latest wildlife sanctuary of India.

“And of course, PhD students are there too!” he added.

When asked what will happen to the scholastic pursuits of the students if the campus is turned into a sanctuary, Aiyar clarified that the decision won’t have any adverse impact on the careers, if any, of the students enrolled in various courses.

“The sanctuary will be open for public only from 2 PM, by when most of the students wake up, till around 7 PM; so it won’t interfere with their daily lives, which normally begin only after the sunset,” Anjan Aiyar explained why India will not see a slowdown in the engineer manufacturing sector.

Residents of IIT Bombay, excluding the leopards, have welcomed the idea of converting the campus into a wildlife sanctuary.

“It will prepare the students for interaction with the outside world in a better manner. Many people still consider engineers as some different form of life but don’t say it openly. However, they will be true to themselves when visiting the sanctuary as sightseers, and thus the students will know what awaits them when they graduate,” a professor at IIT Bombay explained.

“I just hope they budget at least a few thousand crore rupees for this project and call it ‘Save the Engineers’ campaign,” an official at the Ministry of HRD told Faking News when asked for reaction.