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IIT Kanpur to remove booze bottles from hostels to curb suicides

01, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Kanpur. After deciding to remove ceiling fans from hostel rooms so that student didn’t commit suicide by hanging themselves, the IIT administration here has now decided to remove all booze bottles that keep lying around in the hostels after daaru-parties, so that students don’t break them and use the glass pieces to cut their veins. Each hostel would have a “bottle collector” effective from the next week.

“We’d further identify other objects in and around hostels that could be used by a student to kill himself or herself,” one of the professors informed even as sources suggest that the institute was already running a competition among students to find out “dangerous household items for the depressed”. The winner will receive a cash award of Rs.10,000 and a “Choose Life” T-shirt.

Broken wine bottle
There is a clear risk that such bottles could be used for committing suicides

“I have suggested power plug sockets,” says Arindam, a third-year electrical engineering student who is apparently taking part in the aforementioned competition, “any student can insert an electric wire in those sockets and electrocute himself when depressed.”

Arindam further informed that earlier he had suggested ways to make life “chill” for a students to that he or she doesn’t take “too much load” about education, but his suggestions were rejected as being “extraneous” to the problem at hand – making it difficult for the students to commit suicide.

But the IIT Kanpur authorities have rubbished such reports and denied that any such completion was taking place. Authorities have claimed that their decision to appoint a “bottle collector” in each hostel was taken by a committee comprising of professors after detailed study of the existing challenges that faced the institute.

“Do you think these students will ever tell us about their daaru-parties?” retorted professor P K Dhutt, who is also the warden of Hall-07.

The authorities didn’t elaborate why they were not addressing the issue of daaru-party (booze binges) and instead focusing on the bottles.

(with inputs from special correspondent Simon)