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IIT student concentrating hard on research in physics to finally get a banking job

21, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Prateek Sharma, a second year Engineering Physics student at IIT Bombay is concentrating really hard on “research” in physics, so that he could finally get a job in one of the top investment banking firms after getting his degree.

Prateek has been in love with physics ever since his school days and always dreamt of doing research work, he claims.

First love is always childish.

“Last year when I qualified for IIT, I told the news reporter interviewing me that Physics was my first love and I will become a researcher, and here I am chasing my dreams,” Prateek told Faking News.

“But you see, banking is equally important for human civilization to move forward; as important as physics. That’s why I am researching hard to become a banker,” he explained how his plans to get a top paying banking job was in line with his interests and passion.

To further justify his passion, Prateek is eyeing the job of a “research analyst” at one of the top investment banks.

“You get a feel of researching, and that’s what matters,” he said, “I am trying my best to finish physics research work at campus, after which I will move on to market research in career.”

Prateek believes that concentrating on physics is going to enhance his analytical skills, which will be very helpful in a banking career. “Many of my seniors have done this in the past, they can’t all be doing it wrong,” he claimed.

On being asked if indeed he was enjoying his college life to the fullest by doing what he actually loved to do, Prateek changed the topic and excused himself for canteen.

While his batchmates have mixed feelings towards him, based on their CGPAs, Prateek’s parents are very proud of the their son’s future plans. “Moving on from physics research to market research is a sensible move,” commented Prateek’s father Mr. Brajesh Sharma, who is a physics professor.

“Each time he solved some problem from I.E Irodov or H.C Verma, I knew that he had moved a step closer to that banking job,” Mr. Sharma recalled Prateek’s JEE preparation years.