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“Why the hell can our college not target more girls like the IIMs?” ask IIT students

13, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Kanpur. After some of the new IIMs decided to tweak their admission policies in favor of female applicants, students at various IITs have been wondering why something similar can’t be done in case of their institutes. Students of India’s premier engineering colleges maintain that “diversity” on campus has been one of their longest pending demands, but the IIT administration seems to be completely insensitive to it.

“People used to call us frustu, tharki, and what not when we wanted more non-males on campus,” Vishal Singh, an IIT Kanpur student complained, “Now will they call the new IIM directors frustu and tharki as well? Of course not! This proves that our demands were always legitimate and it’s high time IIT administration gave it a serious thought and a compassionate consideration.”

When pointed out that IIMs were aiming for a more diverse batch by targeting not only girl applicants but also non-engineering applicants, Vishal argued that even the IITs could do the same.

“Even the non-engineers are welcome,” he said, “I anyway feel that many of my batchmates are non-engineers; my roommate is a farmer I believe, always looking for grass and weed in some pot.”

Protest march
Suspected IIT students also took out a protest rally demanding more representation of girls on campus

Similar sentiments were expressed by students from other campuses who demanded that the IITs followed the IIMs and announced an admission policy that could guarantee at least 33% seats to girls in each batch.

“Two years ago, when Kapil Sibal announced that law and medicine could be taught at the IITs, I was so hopeful of seeing some beautiful girls on campus as are found in medical colleges,” Varun Patil, a third year student at IIT Bombay said, “But he got busy with his zero-loss theory in 2G scam afterwards and completely forgot about his duties as HRD minister. Does he realize how big a non-zero loss we had to suffer?”

“There is no diversity, we just have notional girls,” Varun blamed Sibal for it, and claimed that the recent “rise” of alternate sexuality on IIT Bombay campus was a direct result of lack of gender balance on the campus.

Many IIT students point out that the proposal to tweak admission policies in favor of girls was originally made for the IITs by an expert panel, but god knows why it was implemented for admission to the IIMs.

“Is this another goof-up by the government?” wondered Sanket at IIT Madras, “Maybe this proposal was accepted by the HRD Ministry, but a clerical error caused the word IITs to be replaced by IIMs? You never know!”

Students insist that as a citizen of world’s largest democracy, they would assert their rights and agitate for their demands, because lack of girls was causing a lot of “hardships” to the students in their social life.

“Students at IIT Delhi have an option of traveling in the city to add girls as friend, but students at some of the other IITs are not so fortunate,” Aamir, a computer engineering student at IIT Kharagpur rued, “Last month, Facebook accounts of at least thirteen boys were hacked after all of them added a really hot looking girl as friend, who acted as a local resident.”

(for other hardships that IIT students have to go through due to lack of gender balance on the campus, read this scoop by Abhimanyu Singh)