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IIT students go on strike, ask how 5% non-virgins gained admission in IIT

05, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Students at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay have gone on an indefinite strike starting today morning. Students are asking the management to disclose how 5% non-virgins got into an IIT.

IIT Bombay- Under attack from students who have had sex

Earlier, a survey conducted on the IIT-Bombay campus for freshmen found that as many as 5% freshmen have had sex before coming to an IIT. This has enraged the remaining 95% who are asking expulsion of these 5% for breaking the rules of an IIT.

Ever since the report came out, students are trying to identify the infiltrators and remove them from the campus themselves. After failing to identify on their own, students have now sought the help of the management and asked them to remove these non-virgins or the strike will continue.

One of the student leaders leading the strike, Mr. Rajat Kumar said, “IIT is a temple of virginity and they have defiled it with their presence. This is a violation of our tradition, our culture, our values and we will not stand for it. Management should reveal how these people were given admissions and also explain why their admissions shouldn’t be canceled.”

“If they really have secured good ranks in the entrance exams then the CCTV footage should be checked to see if they have cheated. Otherwise, how did they find any time to do anything else other than study in Kota? I am a final year engineering student and forget losing virginity; I haven’t even seen a girl in past 4 years. Then these young kids come and say they lost their virginity even before coming to college? Hamari to izzat hi nahi rahi yahan”, Rajat added.

When asked, Rajat did confirm that he is from the Mechanical branch.

Enraged students are currently only bunking all classes but as per sources, they are also planning an indefinite hunger strike in front of the IIT gate if their demands are not met.

Meanwhile, students from other engineering colleges in India have blasted IITs for their lax admission process and hurting the image of engineers.