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IIT students hold candle light march for Ser Jorah, say 'he is a true engineer who sacrificed his life for a girl but got nothing in return' 

02, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

In the fight with the whitewalkers to save his ‘Khaleesi’, Ser Jorah may have sacrificed his life. But for around 300 students from the boys hostel at IIT Mumbai, he will be remembered forever as a ‘true engineer’.


On Monday after the 3rd episode was aired, hostel students held a candle light march in memory of Ser Jorah. Apparently, Jorah quest to seek love from Daenerys till the very end struck a chord with the students. For many students in the final year of engineering, it brought them memories of their own failed struggle to find love.

No sooner it was aired, students got duscussing the episode. While Arya Stark got most of the attention, there were some who just couldn’t get over the death of Ser Jorah.

A mechanical engineering student from the final year spoke to Faking New on the condition of anonymity and said, “His sacrifice reminded me of my 4 year struggle to find love at IIT. I did all her assignments, helped her during exams, made her laugh when she was feeling low and did everything to keep her happy. And when it was time to take out relationship forward, she quietly went along with the guy who got the highest pay package at campus placement. I almost felt like a whitewalker stabbing me in the back.”

Many other students too echoed similar sentiments and were seen wearing ‘Main Bhi Jorah‘ t-shirts at the march. The Singles Association of Engineering Students at the college are also planning erect a bust of Jorah at one of the boys hostel.

College authorities have denied having knowledge of the bust and said that they will not allow any such erection in the boys hostel.