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IIT students launch a startup that will help people get out of bed on cold winter morning

16, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

In what could be a boon for millions across the country who find it difficult do get out of bed for work, IIT students from Mumbai have come up with a solution.


The group consisting of four students from the Mechanical Engineering Dept came up with the idea called Get Me Out of Bed, a subscription based app that will use their staff called ‘wake up boys’ to pull you of the bed.

This idea has been in the works for quite sometime but couldn’t go ahead due to financial constraints and also as many of the group’s members were busy clearing their previous Semester exams which they had flunked.

“The seed capital we got from friends and family was all spent on chai and sutta. But thankfully we have cut down on hostel Maggi and managed to save some money. In fact this app was the labour of our own experience while getting up for lectures early morning during winter season. Though, to be honest we didn’t attend many lectures, it still sparked our creativity,” remarked the co-founder of the app.

The idea has already got many potential investors interested. They are however tight lipped about the amount they have received.

The success of this app has encouraged these students to work on another app that will allow employees to ‘work from blanket’. “The app is targeted at working professionals and will ease the pain of those who have to report to work on chilly winter mornings. The blanket is equipped with a WiFi connection so that you can connect your laptop and start working the moment you get up, without getting out of bed,” revealed one team member.