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IITian from Kanpur burns his degree because he didn't know even one way to hack the EVM

17, Apr 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Professor Vikram Jayaram who is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, has decided to burn his IIT degree certificates after realizing that he did not know even single way to hack EVM.

Kejriwal personally burning degrees of IITians who do not know how to hack EVM

Before taking the step, Prof. Jayaram talked to some of his colleagues. He said, “A fellow IITian like Arvind Kejriwal claims that he knows ten ways how to hack the EVMs. Here I am, who has also studied four years in a prestigious institution like IIT, Kanpur does not know even one way how to hack the EVMs. Just tell me, what right do I have to retain degree of IIT?”

Prof Jayaram added, “It is not a decision which has been taken in haste. After lot of soul searching, have decided to take this drastic step. Hope all of you will understand the rationale behind this.”

Prof. Shrama who is working with Dr. Jayaram for last thirty years shared some details with us. He said, “Prof. Jayaram was among IIT toppers, opted for Computer science in IIT, Kanpur. After his PhD from Stanford he worked with some top Universities in world. Few years back he came back to India and joined Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru as Chairman of Computer Science and Automation department.”

“The reason he was so upset because he has worked with EVM manufactures in the past to make it foolproof and he is fully aware of the technology used in EVMs,” said Prof Sharma.

Prof Sharma added, “He was ignoring the recent allegations of different political leaders, but when someone as respectable like Mr. Kejriwal whom we all know had an IIT rank of 563, passed out from IIT Kharagpur in 1989 with CGPA of 8.42 claims it is so easy to hack the EVMs, it is natural for Prof. Jayaram to start doubting his own ability. The same could have happened to me too, luckily I am not an IITian.”

One AAP volunteer spoke to us about the research AAP team is doing on EVM hacking. He said, “Kejriwal sir is keeping the ‘secrets’ close to his chest. Even Manish Bhai does not know about it. He has asked all of us to find through Google. Whose answer matches with his answer; he will give him a ‘special’ fifteen thousand rupees’ lunch in a seven-star hotel.”