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Impressed by ‘A Budget for Rahul Gandhi’ TV ads, Rahul joins IIPM

15, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Hugely impressed by the alternative budget prepared by management guru Arindam Chaudhuri, which aims to remove corruption and make Rahul Gandhi eligible for the Prime Minister’s post before the next general elections, Rahul Gandhi has decided to join IIPM to discover the Prime Minister in himself. Rahul will undergo a six-month course in Public Administration, under the direct mentorship of Arindam Sir himself, starting 1st April 2012.

“There is clearly a Prime Minister hidden somewhere in myself as everyone in Congress believes that,” Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference called to announce his admission to IIPM, “All I need is a guru to discover that Prime Minister. Arindam Sir has helped millions discover the diamond in them, and I am confident I’ll discover the PM in myself after completing the course.”

Rahul Gandhi with Arindam Chaudhuri
Rahul Gandhi, being taught some critical management lessons by Professor Arindam Chaudhuri.

The Yuvraaj of Congress conceded that his decision, like decisions of thousands of students each year, to join IIPM was influenced by a spate of television advertisements, which publicized an ‘alternative budget’ prepared by the IIPM think-tank under the guidance of Arindam Sir. The alternative budget was named “A Budget for Rahul Gandhi”.

“Every commentator has been talking about a budget for aam aadmi or a budget for the industry, but only Arindam Sir had the foresight to think about a budget for Rahul Gandhi, who is in a worse shape than the aam aadmi or the industry after successive political defeats,” a very candid Rahul said about himself.

When asked what he hopes to achieve after successfully completing the course, Rahul Gandhi, continuing with the candor that he is reported to have took on when he took responsibility for Uttar Pradesh election results, said, “A diploma, a free laptop, and an all-paid trip to a b-school in Italy.”

However, critics say that Rahul Gandhi doesn’t need to undergo any training with IIPM as he might not learn anything unique or new.

“He already enjoys good media coverage and is surrounded by people who think he’s the best,” a critic drew parallels between Arindam Chaudhari and Rahul Gandhi, “Yeah, maybe now he can learn how to ‘interpret’ data and claim 100% placements election victory even after losing elections.”