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Impressed with the sale of pakodas at his protest stall, politician gives up politics to concentrate only on pakoda business

09, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: A politician with 25 years of experience in active politics has decided to leave politics and start his own pakoda business after realizing the potential of the business during a protest. The politician, Imaandaar Singh, was running a pakoda stall for the past 3 days to protest against Narendra Modi’s remark that pakoda stalls also offer employment. However, he is making so much money selling pakoda at his stall that he decided to enter the business full time and gave up politics.

Most important issue of 2019 elections

Ever since PM Modi’s Pakoda remark during an interview on Zee News, pakoda politics has taken the nation by storm. Opposition is mocking PM Modi for promoting pakoda stalls while BJP is hitting back by defending pakoda sellers.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Singh said ,”I started a pakoda stall to protest against Narendra Modi but now I must thank him for helping me discover this amazing business. I have made more money in last 3 days than my legal monthly income. Best part is, all the money I am making here is totally legal and the payment is all cash in advance. It is also a nice change to accept cash in the open from public. I can totally get used to it.”

Meanwhile, regular pakoda sellers are really upset with all these new competitors in their segment. “All the politicians have set up their own pakoda stalls all over the place. They offer cheaper pakodas than us because they can back their startups with all the money they have made by selling the nation earlier. How can we compete with them in this market? Maybe we should start fighting elections and take the fight to their turf”, an angry pakoda seller said.