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Impressed with their fighting skills, nightclubs rush to hire Patiala House lawyers as bouncers

17, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Impressed with the way lawyers at Patiala House court fought with students and journalists, nightclub owners in NCR are queuing up to sign them up as bouncers for their establishments.

Scene from Patiala House. The court, not the film.
Scene from Patiala House. The court, not the film.

Scuffle broke out couple of days back in Patiala House court when JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar was being produced. JNU teachers and students supporting Kumar were roughed up by Patiala House lawyers who also beat up some journalists who got caught in the mix.

Explaining the rationale to recruit these lawyers, owner of a popular South Delhi pub, Mr Zutshi said, “It is very hard to get good bouncers these days that can control the rowdy student crowd. Evidently, these lawyers can control even JNU students then what are regular college students for them? We are confident that they can maintain peace and decorum in our pubs and bars so that everyone can drink peacefully.”

“We had thought about hiring some of the WWE wrestlers who were in the capital recently but when we saw their fights, w e realized they are only faking it and only have muscles to scare people. Most of the youngsters these days have muscles bigger than them so we didn’t think they would scare our clients. However, these lawyers look like the real deal, real street brawlers so we decided to approach them”, explained Mr Zutshi.

When we asked whether they will be approaching BJP MLA OP Sharma with a job offer as well, Mr Zutshi replied ,”Oh no, I don’t think we want any association with a politician. We have many regular clients who wear kurtas and have a beard, Sharma ji might think they are communists and beat them up.”

However, Noida bar owners haven’t shown much interest in Patiala House lawyers. “What will their punches do when faced with the revolvers our clients carry?” asked a bar owner from Noida.

Meanwhile, Patiala House lawyers are planning to file a case against themselves for assaulting journalists so that they have some real work to do for a change.