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Impressed with their precision in digging tunnels, DMRC hires Punjab National Bank robbers as consultants

31, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), that is currently racing against time to complete phase 3 of metro in Delhi on time, has decided to hire accused of the recent Punjab National Bank robbery in Haryana as consultants.

DMRC particularly intends to use their services for the underground portion of the phase 3, connecting Janak Puri with Botanical Gardens, where they are reportedly running behind schedule to meet 2016 deadline.

A DMRC official taking tips from the perfectly executed tunnel digging.
A DMRC official taking tips from the perfectly executed tunnel digging.

“They are highly skilled people. We were left extremely overawed, stunned and impressed with the style and manner in which they dug up 125 feet long and 2.5 feet wide tunnel and opened it right inside the locker room of the bank,” DMRC chief told Faking News.

“They went about the whole thing with so much compassion and professionalism that nobody was disturbed, nobody had any idea whatsoever about what was happening, quite unlike with our engineers and contractors who have to at times face wrath of Delhiites for causing traffic jams due to haphazard construction activity,” he continued.

DMRC also hopes that once on board, the precision of these robbers would be a valuable asset to the project.

“The digging was done with such finesse that telephone cables and water pipelines in the tunnel remained completely untouched,” he pointed, “I mean, without any practice whatsoever, they were able to open up the tunnel bang in the middle of locker room pathways. Unbelievable!”

“Their guidance would ensure strict adherence to the architectural plan by laborers and contractors and construction wouldn’t go haywire,” he further argued.

However, MMRC (Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation) has challenged robbers to oversee their work instead.

“Being a consultant to DMRC is not at all challenging. Their true worth will be tested if they are able to successfully help us complete second underground line of 33 km in next 25 years,” declared the MMRC chief.

Meanwhile, Yash Raj Films too has made an offer to these robbers and sought their services in devising a more believable heist in the next instalment of Dhoom series.