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Imran Khan forms a new WhatsApp group of all world leaders to discuss Kashmir, except China everyone else quits the group

30, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Desperate to get global support on Kashmir, Imran Khan has formed a Whatsapp group of world leaders to discuss the issue. That however did not go as expected after most leaders quit the group in just a matter of hours.


Having faced backlash in his own country for making a mess of Kashmir issue, there is intense pressure on Imran to bloat it into something that gets the attention of world leaders.

Not surprisingly Indian PM Narendra Modi was left out from the group. Leaders such as Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jingping and Kim Jong Un were first to be invited. But soon the group chat turned into an exercise to flaunt their superpower status.

Kim Jong Un shared an image of a missile with the caption ‘Look at my missile’. That prompted Trump to reply with ‘mine is bigger than yours’.

Though Imran tried to start a discussion on Kashmir. None of the leaders seemed to be in a mood to talk about it. Though he did get some support from China, Imran looked like someone fighting a lone battle.

Vladimir Putin shared an image of himself from this college days and marveled at how handsome he looked. But it immediately drew mocking reactions, which quickly snowballed into a chat-war between the leaders.

One by one they all left the group leaving just Pakistan and China. An embarrassed Imran then ‘updated Xi Jingping’ on Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

Opposition leaders in Pakistan took no time to point their guns at Imran. Bilawal Bhutto lashed out and called Imran an imbecile.