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Imran Khan to send first Pakistani to space in 2022, plans to auction his 92 World Cup cricket kit to arrange for funds

26, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

After publicly stating that his govt will spend the Pakistani in space in the next 3 years, Pak PM Imran Khan has started arranging for money for fund the mission. After India’s Chadrayaan-2 success, there was mounting pressure on Imran’s Govt to showcase Pakistan’s prowess in outer space.

imran khan

Sources say that Imran Khan on his recent visit to US sought help from NASA. But the American administration flatly refused any help. That however did not stop Imran from going ahead with the space mission.

This announcement was met with skepticism from his own party workers. Considering that the country is not doing well financially, there were concerns about how they would manage to send a Pakistani in space.

The cricketer turned politician said that he was ready to make personal sacrifices for the sake of his country. While speaking to the media he stated that he was ready to auction his 92 World Cup cricket kit to arrange money. “Inshallah hum bhej ke rahenge. Mera Qaum se ye vaada hai. Duniya ko dikha denge ki Pakistani chahe aur kuch na kar sake, lekin space me jaa sakte hain. I am ready to auction my cricket kit. The money from the auction will be used to pay for the space program,” he said.

But the entire money from the auction wont be used to space program. Khan said that he intends to get married later this year and there is a possibility that ‘kharche badh jayenge‘. So part of the auction money would be used to fund household expenses.

However, the average Pakistani did not pay much heed to their PM’s ambitious announcement. “Unless the Army Chief makes the statement about space mission, no one will take it seriously,” said Shoaib, a roadside fruit seller.