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In 4 years, engineering student enters college library for the first time, uses washroom and leaves

09, Oct 2016 By dasu

Ambala: Engineering student Ratan Noora finally entered the college library during his 4th year in the institute. However, the purpose of his visit was just to relieve the pressure inside him as he desperately sought a washroom. Once he used the washroom, he left as quickly as possible.

If you need to be alone, head to a library!

Recounting the experience of that eventful evening, Ratan said, “For final year students like me, third year students had arranged a nice daru party at the dhaba just outside campus. While returning back to hostel, by the time I reached inside campus, my six beer bottles had done their job. For a second I thought about relieving myself out in the open only, but then I remembered Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. The hostel was half a kilometer away so I had to look for alternatives.”

“Thankfully, I spotted this odd looking building just then. I rushed towards that and the guard outside told me that there indeed is a washroom inside. I immediately went in, relieved myself; I tell you it was one of the happiest moments of my life. On my way back from the washroom, I noticed that I have actually wandered into the library, we have so many books, I never knew. The washroom was also much cleaner than our hostel’s washroom. Maybe I will go there now every time I have to pee”, Ratan added.

“While walking back to my room, I was laughing at myself. Four years in college, I did not know that we have such a big library which remains open till mid night.  I thought the only place that remains open so late is nearby Sharma Ji’s dhaba where we get the 3 pillars of college life, Chai, Sutta and Maggi.”

When we asked Ratan whether he will be going back to the library for books, he said, “What will I do with books? I already have the photocopy of the notes of our class topper. I will go again to pee, like I said.”