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In spirit of equality, government to make poverty inclusive

15, Aug 2010 By TheMalluLampoon

New Delhi. The UPA government is considering a radical new approach to the problem of creating an inclusive society. After the disheartening and abysmal failure of all their development plans and the alarming rise in economical inequities in a rapidly developing nation, the government has come up with a novel innovative solution; reduce inequity by making poverty inclusive.

Although there is uncertainty regarding the circumstances under which such an extreme measure was adopted, reports indicate that the publication of the UN poverty index, which states that 8 Indian states are less developed than the whole of sub Saharan Africa put together, was one of the main catalysts.

Poor India
Government was concerned that many parts of India were not as poor as other parts

A senior minister in the UPA was quoted as saying, “This is indeed a historic decision. However in order to implement it, it’s imperative that the UPA remains in power. Only the UPA has the requisite capabilities to ensure poverty is made inclusive!”

Another senior UPA minister added, “It is indeed a daunting task. We might have to make some drastic changes in the cabinet. Sharad Pawar should be made PM, as his deft handling of the Agriculture ministry has proved that he is indeed the best man to help India achieve inclusive poverty. We must also give greater power and responsibilities to gifted politicians like Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee and Raj Thackeray, who seem to be doing their bit already.”

Some of the other changes that will be implemented will be 100% reservation in all government/aided institutions (including IIT’s/IIM’s) and also 75% reservation in the private sector. Other changes include enlisting the help of Maoists to help dismantle out limited infrastructure and the outsourcing of our entire IT industry back to the West, where people are desperate for jobs. A few friendly wars with our neighbors too might be in the offing.

However the opposition parties have cried foul, saying they can do a much better job of making poverty inclusive than the present UPA government. The Naxals too are against the move as once all Indians become poor they will have no one to fight with! The business community was too shocked and we were unable to get their view on this matter.

However the government is confident that they can arrive at a consensus as this is an issue close to the heart of several politicians and industrialist alike.