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Inception gives rise to new 9/11 conspiracy theory: it was a dream

22, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New York, USA. A new conspiracy theory about the September 11 attacks has emerged from the believers of Inception, the recently released sci-fi movie written and directed by Christopher Nolan, where it is being claimed that everything happening ever since September 11, 2001 has actually been a dream, while the Twin Towers as well as George Bush as the President of the USA still exist in the real world.

“You never really remember the beginning of a dream, do you? You always wind up right in the middle of what’s going on, right?” the latest conspiracy theorist Jon Ronson Cobb put forward his premise.

“Think about it folks. How did America suddenly get into this war against terror? Do you remember the beginning? We were actually helping these so-called terrorists fight against the Russians for decades! Why would they attack us? How did we wind up right in the middle of this mess?” the fanatic believer of Inception made a case.

Georg W Bush
One we wake up to the reality, we’d find him smiling and at the helm of the affairs; the conspiracy theory says

Cobb believes that the then US President George Walker Bush, who he claims is still the President of the USA in the ‘real’ world, surreptitiously made the citizens of the world share a dream with him, and the current world is some unknown layered dream i.e. dream within dream within dream and so on, designed by Bush’s team of architects.

“Both Obama and Osama are projections of George Bush’s subconscious; they don’t exist in reality. Do you really think a black man can lead America or a cave-residing criminal can evade arrest for more than 10 years?” Cobb explained his conspiracy theory, claiming that George Bush was planning to return to power in the dream world before he decides to wake up rest of the people out of the forced slumber.

“Sarah Palin is actually George Bush himself.” Cobb made the startling claim, arguing that George Bush had skills similar to the character called Eames in Inception, who could change appearances and forge identities of different persons in the dream world.

Cobb further claims that while the war against terror continues in the dream world, George Bush was developing the secret RFID chip in the real world that would be fitted to all the citizens, currently in sedated stage, so that Bush and other powerful people could make them share dreams at their will and convenience.

“No more secret and surreptitious missions would be required to make ordinary citizens share dreams designed and developed by ruling persons in future.” Cobb revealed the climax of the theory.

The theory has attracted mixed reactions from people, with many trashing it for being too unreal, but there were some who were willing to buy Jon Ronson Cobb’s explanation of the current world order, even though he had no explanation or details on how the citizens of the world made to share a dream by George Bush in the first place.

“That’s something you have to find out.” Cobb answered with a smirk, making his conspiracy theory as open-ended and open to interpretations as any of the Christopher Nolan’s movies.