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Income Tax officers raid software engineer's house, who booked cab without applying free coupon

09, May 2019 By Guest Patrakar
On Tuesday, the Income Tax department conducted several raids in Delhi and other areas. Apart from the usual business class magnates whose houses and offices were raided, there was also an engineer whose house came under the raid after Income Tax officials were informed that he had booked a cab without applying the available free coupon.
Amit Agrawal, a software engineer and a resident of Gurgaon, was put under the scanner by income tax officers on Tuesday. However the raid didn’t yield much as it happened on the second week of the month and Amit had spent all his money in paying loans and EMIs by that time.
One of Amit’s room partners had informed the income tax department about Amit’s spending behaviour and pattern which had led the income tax team to believe that Amit was possibly involved in some kind of a chit-fund scam, which could also have been his second source of income. An income tax officer spoke to Faking News and said, “Not applying free coupon can’t be a mistake. Even Ambanis and Tatas don’t forget to search and apply coupons while doing e-shopping. And an engineer who faces cash crunch on the second day of salary didn’t apply coupon? Are you kidding me? There must be a scam”.
On the other hand, Amit’s defence doesn’t look strong and that can land him in trouble. Amit in his official statement to income tax officials has said that he was in a hurry so he had booked a cab without checking too many details. Reportedly, it was also the first time that Amit had booked a normal cab and not a shared cab.