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Income Tax officers raid a software engineer's house, find only Sodexo coupons

06, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: On Monday, Income Tax department made several raids in Delhi and other areas. Besides Delhi-NCR, raids were conducted in several other cities such as Bangalore and Hyderabad.

However when the officers reached the home of a software engineer, named Vijay, they were utterly disappointed as all they could recover were Sodexo coupons. Feeling disturbed seeing his condition, the lead officer of the  department ended up paying the engineer some cash.

Vijay was raided after the IT department mistook him for Vijay Mallya. The raid continued for almost four hours and Vijay was asked to submit all his asset related papers. Reportedly, Vijay had only bank loan papers and a few Sodexo coupons. Vijay Mallya was last seen at Edgbaston on Sunday. Vijay’s friend, Lalit tweeted to IT department requesting them to arrest Vijay Mallya. 

Faking News reporter spoke to one of the IT officials, Prannoy to get more inputs on the matter. Prannoy said, “We got the information through social media and hence we had no option but to raid Vijay’s house before it got viral. We were disappointed to see that Vijay had no cash and had been using Sodexo coupons for all his purchases. We believe humanity is not dead yet so we gave him Rs 1000.”

While Vijay’s parents are worried, Vijay is glad that his house has been raided. When our correspondent met Vijay, exclaimed happily, “Can’t believe it happened, since the raid I have been getting calls from my relatives. I thank IT department who made me look rich in front of my relatives who keep asking my salary, now they don’t dare to ask.”

While Government is yet to nab Vijay Mallya, IT raiding an engineer’s house has brought to our attention that engineers across the country are not paid well at all.