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India to bury Samsung Note 7 Phones with live chargers along LOC to prevent infiltration of terrorists from Pakistan

01, Oct 2016 By electroman

In an attempt to deter Pakistani terrorists from infiltrating in to India, Indian Army has decided to implement a better option, that of laying landmines across the border. Something which is far more feared than the landmines nowadays is the Samsung Note 7.

Manohar Parrikar making the announcement
Manohar Parrikar making the announcement

Considered more volatile than TNT, it will explode when tried to charge with just a 5V charger. The Army will bury Note 7 phones along the LOC with connected chargers.

Whenever terrorist activity is detected, they will switch on the power circuit. Voila! Instant surgical strike on terrorists.

This option is very cheaper compared to other defense strategies, because all these phones have been procured very cheaply from Samsung’s South Korea plant which is handling the recall of these phones from the market.

The idea of using this phone for such an unusual purpose came from the Indian spy network, which has scoped this data from North Korea last month.

When the whole world went abuzz after the nuclear test conducted by North Korea, our Indian spy network accessed the inner truth behind the nuclear test.

The fuel behind the explosion is not Uranium or Plutonium, but just a 1000 Note 7 phones being charged simultaneously underground. This caused a large scale explosion fooling the world in to believing North Korea has attained Nuke capabilities.

After seeing all these recent developments Samsung is also planning to increase the battery size and sell it to American Defense companies.