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India nominates a CA, who claims complete understanding of GST, for Nobel prize in economics

11, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

It has been more than ten days since GST was rolled out, but people are yet to understand the basics of this tax reform. However, a man has claimed that he now fully understands GST and its intricate structure. Soon after his claim the government announced him India’s nominee for Nobel Prize in Economics.

Ajay Sinha, CA by profession, on Monday published a blog on GST. His blog got more than a million views overnight. But to his disappointment a majority of comments were like “My head is spinning”, “I would prefer paying 100% GST instead of trying to understand what’s GST”. Ajay tweeted his blog link with the caption “I know GST A to Z”

Faking News reporter spoke to Ajay’s colleague, Abhishek, after Ajay didn’t respond to our calls. Abhishek said, “I didn’t speak to Ajay after GST rolled out. He’s always lost. I once went to his home to meet him but he was so much involved in reading some book that he didn’t even notice. I was so ignored that I felt like I am the Vice President of India.”

GST is complicated and it can’t be denied. But mere understanding of GST makes one eligible for Nobel Prize raises several questions. Did the government understand GST completely before implementing? If none of the CAs understand GST completely even now, then how would the economy of India grow?

GST is not just an economic reform but also an education reform that expects Indians to understand for more complicated structure to make their day to day life better.