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India prepares to invade England to arrest Mallya after he burst a Diwali cracker at 7 pm

08, Nov 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Absconding businessman Vijay Mallya may finally be coming back to India thanks to his Diwali celebrations. An intelligence officer monitoring Mr. Mallya in England has recorded proof that Mr. Mallya lit a cracker at 7 PM local time making him the most dangerous criminal in the country.

Vijay Mallya

After hearing this news, Indian Government has issued a direct threat to British PM Theresa May asking her to give up Mallya or face an invasion from India.

Earlier, Supreme Court had passed the verdict on Diwali crackers giving a 2 hrs window to burst crackers on Diwali. Government of India has said that the decision was applicable to all Indians worldwide and not just those residing in India.

Government was already working on extradition process with England to try and get Vijay Mallya back after he escaped without paying back 9,000 Crores of loans. However, his latest crime of bursting crackers has been deemed way too serious and a decision has been taken at the highest levels to do whatever is necessary to bring him back, including an invasion of England.

Indian Defence Ministry has already instructed French Government to halt the delivery of Rafale jets as they may be needed soon near the Dassault factory in England. The Navy has been directed to move its ships towards the Atlantic Ocean as well and a final green light for the invasion may come as soon as next week.

We tried to reach PMO officials to get a confirmation for this but all the employees working in PMO were busy trying to bail out relatives caught for bursting crackers outside the given time limit.