If India provides covid relief material Pakistan too will respond with a kind gesture, will intimate India the next time we violate ceasefire: Pak official

10, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

As coronavirus cases see steep surge in Pakistan, Imran Khan finds himself in a difficult spot. On one hand Khan does not want to put the country under lockdown while on the other he is desperately trying to flatten the curve.


Things across the border seem to have gotten worse after facemask sent by China turned out to be made from under garments.

With nowhere to go, Pakistan has turned to India for help. Senior Pak Govt officials have indirectly requested their neighbor for relief material.

Pak cricketer Shoaib Akhtar , through a video on Youtube, spoke on how Pakistan would be indebted if India sent across 10000 ventilators. Govt officials seem to have taken the cue and are planning to make an official request for relief material.

A high ranking official spoke to Faking News on condition of anonymity and said, “These are desperate times and both countries should forget their differences and come together to fight a common enemy. We urge India to send across relief material and trust us, we will never forget this act of kindness.”

“In fact we will surely return the gesture and promise to intimate Indian security forces before violating ceasefire. Before every attempt to violate ceasefire, we will give an intimation of an hour. So that they get enough time to be prepared. Not just that, there would be no infiltration attempts for the next 6 months,” he added.

Sources say that Pak PM Imran Khan is expected to call PM Modi later this week and officially put up a proposal.

Home Minister Amit Shah did not comment, but sources say he found the offer ludicrous.