Saturday, 28th March, 2020


India to scrap arms deal with US, Govt says 'We have enough arms on Tahir Hussain's terrace, no need to buy from America' 

27, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Just days after singing an arms deal worth $3bn, India is now planning to scrap the deal and source the arms locally.


Govt officials say that all arms required for defense purpose will now be sourced from Tahir’s Hussain’s terrace. “This is the first time ever that India is not dependent on either US or any other country to purchase arms. The cache found inside the AAP leaders house in enough to meet our requirement. In fact, we may not have to buy arms for a decade at least,” the source revealed.

The details of how much quantity of arms is the Govt planning to source from Tahir Hussain’s arms depot is not yet known. “We have always supported PM Modi’s Make In India initiative. Why spend billions when everything can be made on my terrace,” remarked the AAP leader.

The news however has caused a lot of heartburn to US President Donald Trump. While speaking to the press at White House he said, “I keep telling everyone Modi is a very tough man, but did not expect this from him.”

White House insiders say that Trump may make another quick visit around the festival of Holi to renegotiate the deal and hopefully get Modi to change his mind.