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India to be electricity-free to stop fires arising out of short-circuits

24, Jun 2012 By reekycoleslaw

New Delhi. After fires in Maharashtra secretariat building and North Block in a matter of few days, government has decided to take concrete steps to ensure that such accidents don’t happen in future. The first step towards this was announced earlier today when the government declared its mission of going 100% electricity-free by year end.

“Not only it will stop short-circuits and subsequent fires in government buildings, the country is also expected to save billions of dollars spent in mining coal and importing fuel used for power generation,” a press-release by PMO read.

Emerging from the UPA cabinet meeting held under candlelight in New Delhi, a beaming Prime Minister told waiting reporters about the cabinet’s decision: “Today is a historic day for India. In one giant stroke, we have found a green answer to managing our economy. As of January 1, 2013, India shall become an electricity-free nation. Not only will our nation rid itself from the dependence on the outside world for power, we will also be the leading nation in controlling its carbon footprint.”

This could become India’s national symbol

“There won’t be any coal related scam as well,” he added.

The mission has been christened “Gol Bijli Gol!”. The symbol, to be made public shortly, is a smiling lantern. All existing power plants will be shut down in a phased manner, and their parts and transmission equipment sold as scrap. The government is expected to net almost Rs. 4000 crores from this sale.

The Railway Ministry has been asked to aggressively work on replacing all electric locomotives with steam engines before the Diwali festive rush begins, though the ministry has not ‘confirmed’ the status on this.

Sources in the government reveal that while the cabinet was looking at several options for eradication this year – such as poverty, corruption, crime, etc. – but electricity won because of the significant progress already achieved in this regard by important states like Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.

“We have already been training our consumers to live 10-14 hours without electricity. They will gladly welcome this new initiative for the environment, national security, and development,” said Mr. B Urja, President of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitaran Nigam (DHBVN), which provides electricity to Gurgaon.

Consumers seemed to be in agreement. There were joyous scenes observed in Delhi and NCR localities.

“Thank God the government has decided this once and for all. The power supply is always so erratic that I can never plan my day around when it will be there or not. Now I can work tension-free,” said Anju Sharma, a housewife from Vasant Kunj in South Delhi.

Samajwadi Party and RJD have supported the move by the government as their election symbols, cycle and hurricane lamp respectively, go well with fuel-free and electricity-free India. However, the opposition parties including Mamata Banerjee have opposed the move and claimed that it was being done to kill internet, where UPA was lagging behind.

“I will post my comments on Facebook,” Mamata Di said when Faking News asked for comments.