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India is totally safe for women as long as they stay inside the house: Government trashes Thomson Reuters report

28, Jun 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A perception poll conducted among 500 plus experts from various fields by Thomson Reuters has put India as the most unsafe place in the world for women. While people are busy debating the credibility of the poll and the inaccuracies in the process followed, Government of India has trashed the poll and called India a totally safe place for women.

Addressing a press conference, an official working for Ministry Of Women and Child Development (MWCD) said, “Statistically, of course we are not the most unsafe country for women that is accepted by everyone. Now to those who perceive it to be unsafe, we just want to assure them that India is totally safe for women. Of course, with everything, there are some terms and conditions attached and as long as those conditions are met, women are totally safe.”

When asked what those terms and conditions are, he said,” For starters, stay inside your home, why do you need to step out and that too in this hot and dusty climate. If for some reason, you do have to step out, then cover yourself completely, will protect skin against the elements as well. Make sure you return home before dark, you know some streetlights may not be working and you can get into an accident. Then you will say India is unsafe so why take that risk at all. Just a few conditions like that.”

When someone asked if the government is actually taking steps to improve women safety in India, he said,” More safety? Like we should lock them up in a cupboard or something? But then how will they cook? No, locking them up inside the house is enough.”