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Indian and Australian PMs sign a pact to bring peace between Smith and Kohli

11, Apr 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull have signed a pact to bring peace between Smith and Kohli. Ahead of his visit to Mumbai, the temple town of cricket where the God lives, the Australian PM has initiated and signed the pact to take the bilateral ties to the highest level.

Modi and Turnbull discussing about the Smith-Kohli equation
Modi and Turnbull discussing about the Smith-Kohli equation

Speaking to Faking News a source close to the development said, “The Smith-Kohli equation is more important for the two countries than the relation between their respective PM’s.”

“Our prime minister has visited hundreds of nations and signed thousands of pacts. No Indian knows anything about a single one. This smart Australia PM visits India and initiates one single pact to bring about the peace between Smith and Kohli, and now he will be known and remembered for as long as Kohli plays international cricket,” a PMO official lauded the efforts by Mr. Malcolm Turnbull.

“With such a name, the Australian PM can own and run an IPL team. Nevertheless, bringing peace between Smith and Kohli is equivalent to running two IPL teams, at the same time. The only other thing he might have to ensure is to bring peace between Smith and Kohli fans to settle down the debate after the IPL is over, to declare who was great during the cricketainment months of April and May,” a political cricket analyst told Faking News.

Learning the sudden popularity numbers in India for the Australian PM, the White House has offered to settle down the most important unsolved debate in India on ‘Who is the greatest? Sachin or Kohli?‘. If the media is still believable in the US, the declaration will be announced by UNESCO, under the recommendation from the White House, before the end of cricketainment season in India, it is now learnt by Faking News International.