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Indian man fails to get buyer after putting up his integrity for sale on eBay

18, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. A software engineer with an MBA degree from a well known institute of management of India has put up his ‘integrity’ for sale on popular e-commerce website eBay. He took this extreme step to raise money for paying back his debt that he had amassed to meet his living standards. But to his dismay, after asking for a minimum bid of 7000 US dollars, he hasn’t found any bidder for his integrity yet.

“It’s ridiculous. I had recently read that people were bidding millions of dollars to buy virginity of a girl from California. Why are there no buyers in my case? Is existence of integrity among men doubtful as compared to virginity among women? Or does this world value virginity more than integrity?” wondered Madhu Gowda, the willing seller of his integrity.

Some experts believe that higher bids for integrity can be realized if offline platforms are used
Some experts believe that higher bids for integrity can be realized if offline platforms are used

This is not the first case of its kind on eBay where people have tried to sell all kinds of weird things to the world. Madhu had placed his offer under ‘Antiques’ section of the website, apparently to attract higher attention and bids, but Madhu differs.

“I don’t think integrity is any antiquity. I was in a hurry to post my offer and ‘Antiques’ section was on the top of all the categories arranged alphabetically, hence I placed my offer there. There is no manipulation and misrepresentation here,” Madhu clarified.

Madhu further informed that if he didn’t get any buyers for his integrity, he would place a new offer in some other category or on some other e-commerce website. But he hoped that after a report on Faking News, he would get some suitors (sic). Madhu’s inability to get a buyer for his integrity on a popular online platform has also puzzled many economists.

“We have to see it from the point of view of supply and demand. A demand has to be backed by a need and purchasing power. If there is no demand for integrity today, it means that either there is no need for integrity in today’s world or integrity is seen as prohibitively priced in this case. In my personal opinion, integrity is not needed today,” noted economist Amar Singh told Faking News.

Amar Singh got very upset when our reporter asked if his statement meant that integrity was a non-existent entity and no one had any integrity in today’s world. He vehemently denied saying so, accusing our reporter of being a stooge of his economic opponents. He explained that integrity was not needed as everyone already has plenty of it; he cited his own example as a proof.

eBay officials denied to comment on the development but our sources say that the website managers are thinking of adding ‘integrity’ as a permanent category for bids and offers. Managers believe that many Indians would try to sell their integrity and realize maximum possible value after a recent report revealed that Indian continued to be perceived as being low on integrity scale.