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Indian political parties to be included in the most profitable businesses list from next year: Forbes

04, Mar 2017 By RT

New York city. The Forbes magazine has announced today, Indian political parties will be included in their most profitable businesses list, from next year onward. In India, a political party is a multi crore business. Indian politicians will make businessmen literally run for their money, if not aligned with the polity of the country.

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Politics as business probably has been practiced in many parts of the world. But, no one does that as shamelessly and openly as Indian politicians. It has come to the level that, if someone declares himself as an honest politician in India, people mock at that person in all possible ways including memes and trolls, it was observed by the magazine.

Only in India, a person earning one rupee as a government salary for heading the government will go on to make disproportionate wealth. Only in India, political parties will loot common people and the businessmen alike in the name of party development fund.

It is almost comical that this business in India can be started with zero funds, zero policies and can grow into a multi billion dollar business within a decade. No other business line in the world can rival the model and it automatically makes it to our list from next year, the magazine further explained.

“Next year’s list is going to be interesting. The debutante entries of Indian political parties will top the list for at least two top places. We, at Forbes, closely analysed why these parties become so rich so easily and the answer was alarmingly chilling. Every successful business needs a small team of thugs to do their dirty work. No business house is exempted from this worldly need. Imagine a large team of thugs running a business with only a very small team of unethical people to do their PR work! That’s Indian political business for you,” an analyst from the magazine told Faking News.

Meanwhile, learning about the development, a few Bollywood actors demanded to be in Oscar’s list and some television actresses demanded to be included in the Golden Globe’s list.