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Indian politician shocked to know that China inaugurated worlds longest sea bridge without any political party fighting over its naming

24, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

The recent inauguration of the world’s longest sea bridge by China has sent shock waves among the political community in India. Many political leaders couldn’t digest the fact that the bridge was inaugurated without any political party fighting over its naming.

“How can you not name a newly constructed bridge after a leader. I mean how. And they call themselves a superpower. Had this been India we would have got at least a 100 proposals for naming,” said a former Union Minister.

Many politicians from both Congress and BJP, who couldnt get over the shock, showed signs of indigestion as a reaction to the news. “I have been to bathroom at least 6 times since morning. Just cant get the news out of my head. Hamare yahan toh naam pehle rakhte hai aur fir bridge banate hai. If China has no plans of naming the bridge then we will send a proposal of naming it after Rajiv Gandhi,” said a Congress party worker, while reminiscing about the inauguration of Bandra-Worli sea-link.

In fact the party has already started referring to it as RGCHKB (Rajiv Gandhi China-Hong Kong Bridge).

Not to be outdone by the opposition, BJP too is planning to send a proposal. “We have not decided on the name of any leader yet. We will first see which states are going for elections and then send our proposal,” said a BJP spokesperson.

Though the lack of any ‘naamkaran’ has caused a lot of heartburn to the  political community, the only news that seems to have had a soothing effect is the fact that the bridge took 10 years to complete. “A bridge that long should have taken at least 25 years with countless cost escalations and protests by locals. But I am fine with 10 years,” said an ex-MP, who didn’t wish to be named.