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Indian politicians praising demonetization to curb black money to be considered for best acting awards

10, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Next year’s National film awards are going to be slightly different, along with the actors, various politicians are going to be in the running for best actor award. All the politicians who are on record praising the decision to ban old currency notes of 500 and 1000 denominations will be in consideration for this award.

500 1000 note
Raddi in 2016 looks like this

This was confirmed to Faking News by a source at the directorate of film festivals. Politicians from the ruling coalition will get extra credit for their acting.

“We realised that we can’t restrict ourselves to films alone, acting is acting, no matter where you do it. These politicians are in front of a camera, they are saying they are happy with this step against black money, this is top class acting. Even Leonardo will give his Oscar to these guys if he sees this excellent performance”, an official at the directorate said.

“Now those in the ruling alliance will get some extra credit because they know that they have been screwed by their own colleagues. Despite that, they have to not only act normal, but praise this decision and also explain why this step was necessary”, he added. When we asked whether politicians criticising this move will also be considered, he said,”Oh no, that is just a normal reaction that we expect from politicians.”

Meanwhile, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is reportedly looking at the performance of Bollywood actors praising this step and may consider them for an Oscar award for best acting.