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Indian Techie designs software which closes IPL score popup sensing the presence of your manager

21, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

IPL 10th season is round the corner and the buzz is in the air. After some unexpected buys at the auction and a long injury list leading up to the tournament, we are finally just one day away from the opening ceremony. Employees have a tough time keeping themselves updated to the latest scores and also at the same time keep one eye on whether the manager is coming near or not. But not anymore, because a Bengaluru techie has designed a new software which will close the score pop-up once it detects any person near you.


We are talking about Mr. Harneet Ahuja who works for a famous tech company. Harneet is a huge IPL fan and had noticed how his colleagues would do whatever it needs to keep updated to latest IPL scores.Some would bring  binoculars to continuously see if the manager is coming or not, some one would keep a small score window open on the system, some would watch it on smartphone screen whenever possible.

Harneet has designed a software which will detect the presence of your boss in a radius of 5 metres and close the score window automatically. The software works on the sensing of smell, voice and other human parameters. For the software to work, your manager has to spend some time near your system for his parameters to get recorded.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to Harneet and he had this to say, “First a person needs to call his manager near his system and bore him for 5-10 minutes which will allow the system to record some human parameters after which the system will start closing score windows detecting the presence of your boss in a 5 meter radius. I am dedicating this software to all IT employees in this country who are in constant fear of getting caught while watching IPL scores on their systems.”

Currently the software is free of cost, but once you are exhausted with 5 detection, you will have to pay for it to work subsequently.