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Influential dad's brash son not involved in any hit and run with his SUV gets felicitated by traffic dept

01, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

The Delhi traffic department today felicitated Rajvir Rock Singh for not being involved in any hit and run case since the time he was issued licence. “The traffic department took cognizance of the fact that inspite of increasing number of road accidents involving a rich dad’s son driving his SUV, Rocky managed to have a blemish free driving record,” said a senior official from the department.

The dept feels that Rocky is setting the right precedent which can influence other spoilt brats in Delhi. There has been 10% increase in traffic related violation involving such brats and Delhi Police has been struggling to deal with them for quite some time.

“With a name like Rocky and an SUV at his disposal, it is hard to believe that he’d not ram his vehicle into innocent bystanders. He has all the ingredients of getting on the wrong side of the law. But with not an single case against him, this seems like some anomaly,” said a source from Department of Road and Transport.

Though Rocky is happy with the attention he is getting, his parents are not pleased. “What good is this felicitation? My son has no traffic violation to his name. I gave his an SUV when he turned 18 hoping that someday he’d run over a pavement injuring a few innocent people. But that has not happened. My status in high society is under threat. Look at Sharmaji’s son. He is in Traffic Dept’s hall of fame for traffic offenders. Even though that Sharma was my junior, he commands more respect from everyone,” said Rocky’s father with a hint of disappointment, clearly expecting more from his son.

Not just Rocky’s father, eminent lawyers too were not too pleased at the prospect of losing high-profile clients. “Such people are a threat to our profession. I have taken many accident cases involving sons of celebs and politicians. I know they are guilty but then that is where we get to make some money,” said noted lawyer Sam Jhoothmalani.