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Inspired by DiCaprio's Oscar, hopeful IT employee applies for H1B visa one more time

03, Mar 2016 By manithan

Hyderabad: After having failed to secure a US Visa for best part of 2 decades, 42 yrs old Ajith is feeling hopeful that this year, he will get his H1B Visa.This hope has been ignited after he saw fellow struggler of 2 decades, Leonardo DiCaprio finally get his Oscar.

I got what I desired, may you get what you desire
I got what I desired, may you get what you desire

Recalling his years of struggle for H1B, Ajith said, “My desire for going to US started in 1997 when I joined my first software company in Hyderabad. I remember it distinctly because Titanic film released that year and Leonardo DiCaprio was the hero. I have always felt a strong bond with him since then. First, my company made me wait for 7 years citing one reason or other for not sending me to USA. All my colleagues went there for projects while I kept playing minesweeper and solitaire in my Indian office.”

“In 2004, DiCaprio was nominated for the Aviator movie. In that same year, I left my first company and joined the second company in Bangalore. He did not win and I wasn’t even nominated for visa there. In 2006, I got my big break as I was nominated for an H1B visa for the first time. Heaven knows how happy I felt that day. But, like Leo, I too lost my chance to win and US embassy didn’t stamp my visa. There DiCaprio kept waiting for his Oscar, here I kept waiting for my US Visa. This is my third company and I have become a manager now but unfortunately, I haven’t yet seen the promised land of US of A. All my relatives have disowned me, they say they can’t be related to a Telugu engineer who has never gone to US”, Ajith wiped his tears and then continued.

“When I was about to stop applying for H1B anymore, I heard that my partner-in-sorrow Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won the Oscar award for Best Actor this year. Inspired by this incident, I have again applied for H1B visa this year. Like how Leo won Oscar after a struggle of 2 years, I too will land in USA this year for sure.”, said Ajith with a ray of hope in his eyes.

Then Ajith asked us to leave as he returned to playing Candy Crush on his iPhone.