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Inspired by Kejriwal, IT employee makes a video Ad of his achievements for self appraisal

16, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: Eager to make an impression on his boss and with a hope of getting good appraisal ratings, an employee working for a major IT company shot a video of his achievements for his self appraisal.

V for Videos
V for Videos

Ranjith Iyer, a senior software professional working for ApTard Technologies was apparently inspired by Arvind Kejriwals video, and decided to make one for himself to stand out from the crowd in a desperate attempt to impress his superiors.

Speaking to Faking News Ranjith said, “Since the time I saw the mail from HR asking all employees to fill in their self-appraisal form, I am having sleepless nights. I mean what do I fill when I haven’t done anything worth mentioning.  I don’t think time spent on social media will qualify as achievement.”

“When I saw videos of Arvind Kejriwal and how they managed to spend only 5Cr instead of 44Cr, I was inspired. I decided to make a video about how I cut down from drinking 8 cups of coffee each day to just 3 cups and saved around 50 Rs for the company. Besides that I have cut down on downloading movies from torrent sites. Not just that, taking pens, v-clips, and printer papers for personal use has also been drastically reduced. I managed save so many valuable company resources. If this is not achievement, then what is?” he questioned.

When questioned about having more meaningful achievements like meeting sales targets, Ranjith shot back. “Everybody does that. These sales figures are all window dressed. Does it not make more sense to show all the savings that I have done for the company? I’d say these are not just savings, these are earnings. And I’d be pretty disappointed if I get anything less than 4 out of 5 in the appraisal,” he said with confidence.

Colleagues are not surprised but do attest to the savings claim by Ranjith. “For someone who took all the office stationery home, I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my stationery intact,” said a co-worker.

Our reporter also spoke to the Senior HR Manager at ApTard, who said that making an ‘achievements video’ was a foolish idea.

But in a candid confession off-camera, admitted that it was difficult even for him to fill in the achievements sections. “As an HR professional I am looking at my own list and all I can think of filling in is ‘decorations’, ‘Happy Birthday mails’ and ‘Festival greetings’. I know the entire HR team would be filling in the same. Maybe making a video is not such a bad idea after all,” said the HR manager, adding an afterthought.