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Inspired by MCD workers, disgruntled IT employee dumps garbage outside his boss' cabin

30, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: A senior programmer working for a major IT company in the city was fired from job after he emptied the trash can outside his boss’ cabin.

The protest that inspired Karthik
The protest that inspired Karthik

Karthik Iyer, who worked with IT major Binfosys, was not happy with the way things were going professionally, and decided to express his displeasure in the ‘out of the box’ way.

Apparently, Karthik was promised a raise and change in designation by his boss, but that did not happen even after him putting in 16 hrs at work.

“When I saw news reports on TV about the condition of MCD workers, I realized that I was no different from them. Their unique way of protesting inspired me and I collected garbage from all trash cans in office and piled them outside my senior managers cabin,” he said.

He was also miffed with the HR manager for not addressing his issue. “I don’t know what is wrong with the HR dept. When I joined the company I was treated like how Congress party treats Rahul Gandhi and now they are treating me like Kejriwal. None of the overtime due to me has been credited to my account. My reimbursements have also not been authorized,” he said with a hint of dejection clearly visible on face.

Karthik may no longer be part of Binfosys, but his actions have struck a chord with many IT workers across the country. Many of whom took to social media to diss their seniors.

“It is the same story in every IT company. Had I been in the same situation as Karthik, I would have thrown garbage at my boss instead of just keeping it outside,” said another IT worker, under condition of anonymity.