Inspired by Doordarshan, BCCI too will telecast rerun of old classic IPL matches, pass it off as IPL 2020

02, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Even as people are questioning delay over BCCI calling off the IPL. The apex cricketing body is finding it hard to reconcile with the fact that the event will not take place and a  money minting opportunity would be lost.

The apex cricketing body, inspired by Doordarshan, will now show reruns of old classic IPL matches as part of its IPL 2020 offering.

The decision was taken at a high level meeting of IPL functionaries in Mumbai.

“It is not as if we didn’t try. Since coronavirus is limited to earth, we even thought of conducting the event on Mars. The BCCI had roped in Elon Musk for the job. But with the tight deadlines, it seemed impossible. But now, DD has shown us the way. We will be showing matches starting from the very first IPL to the one held last year. All that will be part of our IPL 2020 offering,” revealed a senior BCCI official.

BCCI plans to launch its own streaming platform sometime next week and said that the matches would be streamed over the platform.

Many IPL fans welcomed the move, but were not very pleased with the idea of playing a fee to watch ‘old content’.

But BCCI said that fans were lucky that they are getting to watch something atleast. “Earlier we thought of taking money from fans and asking them to assume that they have watched the IPL. And imagine that matches are being played. At least they are getting a better deal with the rerun of matches,” the official remarked.