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Inspired by Man vs Wild, Google to work on technology where two people communicate in different languages but can still understand each other

13, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

PM Modi’s jungle adventure with Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild has not just shown the world the incredible biodiversity of India. Apparently, it has managed to inspire Google engineers to work on a technology that will pull down language barriers.


The episode showed Bear and PM Modi navigating through the wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park. But what caught the attention of viewers was the conversation between the two.

Bear Grylls was seen asking questions in English while PM Modi replied in Hindi. Viewers marveled at the fact that the conversation went on so well.

Sources say that Google CEO Sundar Pichai too watched the episode and immediately spoke to his team about this.

A spokesperson for the tech giant, while speaking to our reporter, said, “Using technology for communication is at the heart of what we do at Google. When we saw how Bear Grylls, in spite of not knowing much of Hindi, could understand every word of what PM Modi said. And there wasn’t any translator around to help them.”

Google isn’t restricting itself to human to human communication. “This could open new frontiers for technology based communication. If this project works, we could be communicating with animals too. Each one of us could be a Dr. Dolittle. This will hopefully put an end to man-animal conflict,” said the spokesperson.

A team of Google engineers are expected to fly down to India next month to meet PM Modi to kick-start the project. Not much has been revealed about the trip but the company is looking to hire talent from India to work on the project.