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Inspired by PM Modi, Devendra Fadnavis takes up cleaning of Juhu beach, changes his plan after seeing the trash 

15, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Images of PM Modi plogging on Mahabalipuram beach, which were shared on social media few days back, seem to have inspired Devendra Fadnavis.


Sources say that the Maharashtra CM was at the famous Juhu beach in Mumbai with his entourage to start the cleaning project.

However, after look at the mounds of trash on the beach he quickly developed cold feet and abandoned the entire exercise mid-way. An eyewitness spoke to our reporter and said, “The CM came with his bodyguards, party workers and few camera guys. he picked up a few plastic bottles but as he walked, the realized that the entire beach was littered with trash. Even a superhuman effort from him would have been of no use.”

“They could have made a 3 hour movie just showing the CM picking up trash from the beach,” he added.

After an hour of posing for pictures and picking up few plastic bottles, the CM vamoosed citing other commitments.

Speaking about the garbage at the beach, a local environmentalist said, “It is not just plastic that we are dealing with. Nearby locals use the beach for defecation. I don’t think the CM would want to go anywhere close to that. Getting inspired is good but this is Juhu beach that we are dealing with, no those pristine private beaches of the south.”

The news made its way to social media, netizens took potshots at Maha CM. Some even called for him to restrict his efforts to making music videos to bolster his cleanliness drive.