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Inspired by various flavored products, airlines introduces flavored premium seats

26, Sep 2016 By RT

New Delhi: Inspired by the use of ‘flavors’ to sell products in every other industry, Air India has also launched flavored premium seats today, in three different fruit flavors, lime, Orange and Peach. The premium flavored seats are available at an added cost of Rs.500 per seat, the airline announced.

Air India
Have a fragrant flight

“Indians are addicted to anything fruit flavored, like toothpaste, cleaning liquid, vim bar, condoms of course, and now even fevicol. Take fevicol! How does it matter if fevicol is lime flavored? The consumer is going to smell it for a maximum of 5 or 10 seconds. With our new flavored seats, the passengers will have a refreshing lime smelling seats for the entire duration of the flight”, the airlines spokesperson reasoned.

“Amla flavored cooking oil, jasmine flavored show polish, strawberry flavored medicines, and something or the other flavored coffee! You name a product and we have it in different flavors in the shops all over India. Consumers are more worried about the flavors than the product’s core usability. To go with the modern trend of adding a flavor to almost anything, our premium flavored seats will bring about frequent flyers from our rival airlines to Air India”, the spokesperson said confidently.

“We are introducing the new flavored seats for our domestic sectors. We have the complete plan worked out with a new fruit or a new flower getting added every week. Soon, we will have a refreshing new flavor for every individual seat. You will be able to choose the flavor you want as well going forward. Also, the flavors are going to be customized depending on the destination; for example, a passenger from Bangalore to Kashmir will have an Apple flavored premium seat and come back to Bangalore in a Sandal flavored seat. Though there will be a check to ensure a person doesn’t book some foul smelling flavor while booking tickets for his in-laws”, he went on to add.

Meanwhile, Air India has assured its passengers that this introduction of flavored seats will have absolutely no impact on their customer service and it will be as bad as it was.