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Instead of a postal stamp, political party asks for a WhatsApp emoji created for their leader

28, Jan 2017 By RT

Chennai. A political party in Chennai has demanded that an Emoji be created in WhatsApp, in honor of their beloved leader. Earlier, the party has asked for a postal stamp be created and had approached the central government, demanding the same. The new decision, an Emoji in WhatsApp, instead of a postal stamp was taken in their last general body meeting, it was learnt by Faking News.

Supporters protesting for WatsApp emoji
Supporters protesting for WhatsApp emoji

Not long before, the same political party has demanded for Bharat Ratna for their leader. And also, a Nobel prize for peace. “About 170 people have taken their lives in protest, when our leader was sent to jail on corruption charges. This is an unprecedented occurrence towards world peace. No other leader has influenced so many peaceful deaths for a greater cause,” a senior spokesperson of the party told Faking News.

“Anyway, opposition parties were laughing about our Nobel peace prize demand. We temporarily have put that on hold. On the demand of a postal stamp though, we withdraw our demand unconditionally. Who sees a postal stamp nowadays? The whole of the country is going digital. An Emoji in WhatsApp is more likely to carry the legacy of our leader than a postal stamp,” he further added.

“Also, on a postal stamp, postal workers apply a date seal so strongly on the face of a stamp. In our revolutionary leader’s case, it will be the face of our leader which will get stamped. We don’t want that. If an emoji, our leader will be fondly touched by WhatsApp users, most probably with a smile on their face. Further, this will take our leader’s legacy international and not just to Indian villages, where postal stamps may still be seen,” the spokesperson almost tried to emote how their leader will look like in the emoji.

“There were rumours that an emoji was created to celebrate an actor. It was just a rumour. Our revolutionary leader’s emoji will be the first of it’s kind for WhatsApp. Once done, we will again demand that no other emoji even remotely resembling any other leader be created by WhatsApp,” the spokesperson elaborated on the grand plan of his party’s general body council.

Faking News reporter has left wondering how will be the emotions of WhatsApp users when they see an incomprehensible emoji in the coming days, if Facebook to honour the request from a regional political party in India.