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Insurance company announces a new policy to cover damages from political party attacks, toll gates to benefit the most

05, Nov 2017 By RT

New Delhi. New India Assurance has announced a new insurance policy which will cover damages from political party attacks. Several political parties make several attacks on several issues, throughout the year. This new policy will protect against most of those attacks, an Insurance agent told Faking News.

“Whenever a new movie is released which has a slightest mention about something controversial on religion, politics or history, a bunch of political parties will jump on the issue and attack the movie director and the producers. They try to get the movie banned or try to block the movie reaching the theatres. This will be covered under various clauses of the policy. And then there are other types of political attacks,” the insurance agent told Faking News.

“Whenever there is a death of a political leader, natural or otherwise and whenever a political leader is arrested on corruption, murder or the other charges, there is always widespread violent attacks by the political parties. It is their show of strength. The general public, small and medium businesses, bus services and the local policemen can now seek protection under insurance policies from the gundas.” he further added.

“At last, but the most vulnerable, come the toll gates. Novice political outlaws are sent to smash the toll gates during apprenticeship. Toll gates are the easiest targets as attacking them always gets public support too. Some of the toll roads are so bad and accident prone so much so to calling them as toll roads refer to the number of deaths in those roads on a weekly basis. The premium for a toll booth insurance is fixed high and will remain high for a few decades,” he outlined the company’s vision on the new insurance policies.

Some toll agencies have bought a blanket policy to cover all the booths in the entire stretch of a road or the absence of it. Meanwhile, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ram Gopal Varma have insured all their future film releases; it is learnt by Faking News.