Fresher becomes CEO by the time HR manager comes up with an answer to the query he had raised

01, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

HR managers are the most busy class of employees in this world. Every time a question is popped up to them they figure out that they are busy with something else and don’t have any time to answer the question. Jagdish Malik, the CEO of ApniCompany Startup experienced it personally sometime back. In fact Jagdish Malik had joined the company as an Intern and asked a question related to his Mediclaim policy and then came the long wait of years. But yesterday he got the answer to his question and he seems fine with the fact that it took so much time. Just getting a question answered by the HR manager made Jagdish happy and ecstatic. Capture

The funny part of the story is that Jagdish is actually the CEO of the company he had joined 6 years back as an intern. Jagdish, who had a small quesry related to the mediclaim policy got many excuses for his HR manager over the years. Excuses like ‘Come after lunch time’, ‘we will get back to you’, ‘read the mediclaim portal on the company website’, and many more. But Jagdish never felt let down, he kept on asking, he kept on fighting the lone battle. He always knew that one day he will get the answer. And that motivated him to stick to a single company throughout his career. He became the CEO one year back and that is when the HR manager took notice and tried to find the answer to his question.

Yesterday was when the HR manager called Jagdish on the intercom and conveyed the answer to his long pending query. Jagdish almost had tears in his eyes and his belief in the HR role became stronger. He has in fact nominated the HR manager for the best HR awards in India.