Internet goes crazy over man who stood in queue for 24hrs outside wine shop just to buy a Breezer for his girlfriend

07, May 2020 By yogy

A Bengaluru based IT employee who stood in a queue outside  wine shop for 24 hours has become an internet sensation.


The man, himself a teetotaler, was standing in the scorching heat just to buy a Breezer for his girlfriend.

While most people were seen leaving the shop carrying boxes and crates of liquor, 25 year old Ranjith was happy with just a Cranberry Breezer.

His ‘act of love’ went viral social media and many appreciated the pains he took for his beloved.

“‘I wish I had a boyfriend like him. Mine just took money from me and finished all that the beer he purchased on the way back home,” read one tweet.

“He deserves a gallantry award. I can never do anything like this. Not in a hundred years,” read another comment on Facebook.

Not everybody was pleased though.

Close friends say that Ranjith wasn’t even her boyfriend. “He was friendzoned long back. But waste fellow is still madly in love. When will this idiot realize that she is using him,” the friend revealed.

Ranjith’s family too wasn’t pleased with his internet fame.

“He should realized he works in IT industry. His salary has not changed in the last five years. Three generations of his family joined the same company on the same starting salary. And he wastes it to buy a breezer,” said Ranjiths brother in a livid tone.