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IPS officer found honest in sting operation, clarifies that he’s corrupt like hell

14, Nov 2013 By Anil Sharma

Lucknow. Mr. Sanjay Singh, an IPS officer in Uttar Pradesh, was today outed by an undercover reporter from India TV in an exclusive sting operation.

In the sting operation, the reporter is seen offering one million rupees as bribe to Mr. Singh. Although the quality of the video is poor (just like it is in every other sting operation video), having been shot in dark conditions, and the audio is sometimes muffled, Mr. Singh is clearly heard refusing to take the bribe.

The shocking behavior

The sting operation was televised at 11 PM last night immediately after India TV’s special show on Baba Toofani who can easily pull a train using just his eyebrows. The sting operation raised more eyebrows than people couldn’t believe what they saw.

“What an ass! One million rupees just to change some words in FIR and he didn’t even do that!” a shocked and hugely corrupt bureaucrat told Faking News.

The 35-year-old officer has already been disowned by his friends, family and colleagues, and now the state government is mulling action against him for bringing the post to disrepute.

Naresh Agarwal, the leader of ruling Samajwadi Party blamed the childhood of Mr. Singh, where he was raised by a honest school teacher.

“Such people will always have a small mentality,” he said, “Unfortunately, there will always be a good apple in every barrel. But I assure you that they won’t be allowed to prevail over others.”

Fearing for his future and career, a hugely embarrassed Sanjay Singh later denied the allegations completely saying, “It is all a mistake, I am corrupt. And I’m corrupt like hell.”

He further claimed that he was just “stringing along” and playing the usual hard ball to extract more cash from the bribe giver.

“But there are some enemies of mine who have been trying to set me up. They haven’t showed that part of the video where I told them that I was no Salman Khurshid to indulge in such small scams. It’s all a conspiracy,” Mr. Singh added.

Meanwhile the CM of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav is finding it hard to believe Sanjay Singh on this issue.

“We can’t risk it. The video is very disturbing. He might be communal too, and hence we have ordered a high level inquiry into the incident,” said the youngest serving Chief Minister of India.