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IRCTC user attempts to book tatkal ticket; website confirms ticket after train departs

05, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

Sumit (27), a Delhi-based engineer, missed his Mumbai-bound train after he decided to book a tatkal ticket on the IRCTC website using his BSNL internet. Sumit logged in to the IRCTC website at 10 am, a day before the departure of the train.

To his surprise, it took him only four hours to reach the booking page of IRCTC. Once he had logged in, an ecstatic Sumit saw a ray of hope that he will be able to successfully book the ticket without any further delay.

IRCTC, with its confusing captchas, kept Sumit hooked as he resolved to book the ticket on the same day. “It was challenging, but given that I’m an engineer who has faced disappointment all his life, I was up for one once again,” said Sumit, who managed to book the ticket but not before the train departed on the next day.

“Once I filled the passenger details, the page kept loading and by midnight, I was finally redirected to the Internet banking page of my SBI account for payment,” he said. “Again, I did not get network in my phone as I use a BSNL connection. So, I had to go to the terrace to find a strong signal for the OTP but every time I went to the terrace, my WiFi got disconnected and I was logged out of the SBI website,” said Sumit, describing his struggle.

Sumit’s mother, who got worried on seeing him rally up-down on the stairs all night, was relieved when Sumit finally managed to book the ticket in the morning. “He lost 11 kg in one night merely by taking stairs several times in search of BSNL network,” she said. She also advised Sumit to simply walk to Mumbai and reach early instead of deciding to travel by train.

Sumit missed his morning train after the ticket was confirmed only after the train departed. However, he got a printout of his E-ticket and framed it handsomely on the living room wall. “People would laugh at my stupidity if I hung my engineering degree on this wall. With this confirmed IRCTC ticket, at least people visiting my home will realise that I have worked hard to achieve the impossible,” he proudly said.