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Irritating asshole adds former office mate as friend on facebook

22, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 24-year-old Anushka felt like yuck this morning when she saw the same irritating face of that asshole from her earlier office, asking her to add him as friend on facebook. Navin, her colleague in her last job, had tried too hard, almost nauseatingly, to win her attention and appreciation and had even spread some rumors about Anushka. She had breathed a sigh of relief when she got a new job last August.

“Navin Pran added you as a friend on Facebook” was the email that she got this morning, which broke the tranquility of almost of seven months.

Facebook Friends
Even a personalized message with the friendship request couldn’t appeal Anushka’s sentiments

“I had forgotten all that crap that happened in my last job and was so happy. And I got this mail. I almost wanted to puke.” said Anushka, with a visible fury on her face, as she recalled how Navin had spread rumors about her having two boyfriends at the same time, when she hadn’t had even one in reality.

“I don’t have any proof but those rumors had started last year after I had politely refused to accept his cheap Valentine’s Day gift.” Anushka explained why she didn’t want to do anything with Navin. She further revealed that Navin used to send her cheesy love and friendship SMSes, which caused her to even change her mobile number after getting a new job.

Anushka has not yet confirmed or ignored the friendship request as she finds both of these options inadequate.

“Confirming as friend is simply out of question. But if I ignore it, there are chances that that sicko will once start spreading rumors about me on facebook, as he had done when I had ignored his gift.” she pointed out her predicament.

Anushka has suggested that just like there was an option for “Report abuse for spam” after ignoring a friend request, there should be a “Mark as asshole” option after confirming a friend request.

“The asshole should see me as his friend, but I don’t get to see any notification at all from him, no personal messages, not even his posts on my wall. My profile should automatically and randomly like some of his posts so that he is under impression that the friendship is on.” Anushka, who also is a software engineer, postulated.

While Anushka’s suggestion has excited some facebook engineers, the incident has yet again exposed the vulnerability of online relationships.