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ISI embraces secularism, will reach out to riot affected Hindus too

28, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Islamabad, Pakistan. After Rahul Gandhi claimed that ISI was reaching out to riot affected Muslim youth in Muzaffarnagar, the Pakistani intelligence agency has decided to reach out to riot affected Hindu youth too in order to be “secular”.

“See, we want to succeed in India, and it appears that you must be secular to do well in India. That’s why we decided to reach out to Hindus as well,” ISI chief Ali Pasha said in an interview with Faking News.

Pakistan ISI Rally
A few voices of support were heard in Pakistan too

“Yes, we know that Hindus too are killed in communal riots, despite what our friends in India say and want to believe,” Pasha flaunted his knowledge about domestic issues and politics of India.

“I also know that such deaths might not be treated as arising out of communal riots after the Communal Violence Bill is passed in India, but we will continue our good work and reach out to relatives of those who are killed in what we recognize as communal violence,” Pasha elaborated his future plans.

ISI termed their latest strategy as “Inclusive Terrorism” – something that many experts believe is being practiced in Pakistan right now.

When asked if such moves won’t make them like any other political force claiming secularism in India, ISI chief said, “Of course! And that’s the best way to ruin India. Our ends have not changed, only means have.”

Ali Pasha further showed this reporter two buckets of blood, one of a Hindu and other of a Muslim, and asked him to tell the difference. He did it to prove his secular credentials.

ISI’s politically correct move has shocked many. Terror guru Hafeez Saeed, otherwise a friend of the intelligence agency, expressed his unhappiness and termed the step “blasphemous”, but the Pakistani agency has won some hearts in India.

“A secular enemy is always better than a communal enemy,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh tweeted.