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ISRO fails to launch any satellite in last 7 days, govt clarifies it has nothing to do with appraisal provided to scientists

06, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Experts at ISRO created a history between May 1999 and June 2017. The biggest space research organization of India launched 209 satellites from 28 countries, collectively weighing 6694.70 kilograms. ISRO has gained a reputation of launching Satellites one after other without too much of a gap. That is the reason that a 7 day gap is making the nation worried. There is a rumor that the scientists din’t get a good appraisal and so the work has slowed down at ISRO.


Back in 2007, the organization launched one satellite per year. Last year, they raised the number to 6 satellites per year. In the next few days, they’re planning to increase the launch frequency to 10 satellites per year! ISRO is all set to write a new future for India in space research. But that doesn’t mean we can take the scientist’s financial requirement for granted. Jut like any other corporate employee they too have expectations from their appraisal. If if not given good hike, India may risk losing some scientist to the rival nation.

Venkaiah Naidu was speaking to Faking News on behalf of the government and he had this to say,” All rumors about a bad appraisal are false. We have given good appraisal to all ISRO workers and also have given then the option of work from sdpace just like the work from home option which the corporate give. Any scientist can travel to another planet for a holiday and can work from there without worrying about a pay-cut. The delay might be because they would be designing some new satellites and it is bound to take some time. This is ISRO, not a television sop, which comes on television daily. Satellite will be launched as and when needed. ISRO scientists are not sales employee with a target of specific number of satellites to be launched in a month.”