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ISRO launches special missile to help students reach Delhi University's cutoff zone

30, Jun 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The cutoff percentages of Delhi University have been going higher and higher after each year, and latest reports suggest that it has gone so high that many students can’t ever reach it with normal abilities. However help has come to these students in distress from an unexpected quarter – ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).

After launching 20 satellites in a single mission, ISRO has now announced that it will undertake even a more daring mission – to launch 250 normal students into Delhi University’s cutoff zone in a single mission.

Scientists claim that a launch vehicle is ready and the space research organization is currently short-listing students who will land in top colleges of DU with its help.

“No, there are no cutoffs in our shortlist as it will defeat the purpose of this mission,” an ISRO spokesperson told Faking News, “We have invited applications from students who received between 33% to 55% marks in class 12th and who have no hope of getting admissions, but we are confident that we will put them in DU with this missile.”

Rocket taking a student
Students can now finally reach the heights required to get admission in DU.

Sources say that ISRO has received a huge number of applications for this launch, including from students who had never heard of ISRO before, and thus got marks in that range.

“ISRO is a coaching institute in Kota,” one of the applicants answered when this reporter asked him if he knew about the organization that was helping him land in DU.

The first batch of 250 students for the inaugural launch will be selected through a lucky draw that will take place this evening.

While many students and their parents – except those who failed the exams or got 100% marks – are happy with ISRO’s upcoming DU mission, the announcement has already become politically controversial.

While BJP has credited Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani for coming up with ideas that are set to revolutionize the education sector, AAP has said that such missions will only destroy the Indian education system and the only solutions to the DU cutoff problem were the education reforms announced by the AAP’s Delhi government.

Regional parties like RJD, JD-U, Shiv Sena, DMK, etc. have said that unless reservations based on caste or language were introduced in the lucky draw, they will oppose the mission and won’t allow any student to benefit from ISRO’s mission.

On the other hand, Congress has accused BJP of copying the visionary idea of its leader Rahul Gandhi, who had earlier talked about “escape velocity” for people belonging to the underprivileged sections of society. They have demanded that ISRO should call the launch vehicle as Rahul Gandhi Vishwavidyalaya Daakhila Yaan to properly credit the youth leader.